Sophos Home Premium Review

Sophos Home Premium Review
Photo by Franck / Unsplash

When you are the designated CTO of your family, many different responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Anything from printer help to connecting devices to Wi-Fi becomes your domain of expertise. One of the most challenging tasks in this job is to ensure that all the devices that you watch over are protected from all the different types of attacks they may encounter. A simple phishing attempt may seem trivial, but a relative might find the webpage or email trustworthy and click on the link. This is where the importance of antivirus comes in.

Many companies offer family plans for antivirus, but almost all lack a simple dashboard or easy way of controlling all the devices from one place. Other companies have fantastic software, such as Bitwarden or Kaspersky, but when it comes to protecting more than 4-5 devices, it becomes tricky to keep your eyes on every device, ensuring that everything is up-to-date and protected. This is where Sophos comes in.

Sophos is more well known in the enterprise or commercial space for its products like Endpoint, email protection, and physical and software firewalls. Sophos is highly trusted by many businesses, and many large companies or universities often have Sophos firewalls in their core networks.

Luckily, Sophos also offers a toned-down version of their enterprise antivirus product Endpoint. It is called Sophos Home Premium.

Sophos Home Premium has intelligent threat protection, malware analysis, privacy protection, and other helpful tools like parental control, remote scans, and monitoring. The service is simple to use, with one level of subscription to choose from, protecting up to 10 Mac or Windows devices simultaneously for a low cost. Users receive a customized link to download the software already linked to your account. It is so simple to install that I could walk through the installation on the phone with someone who got their first iPhone and Mac 1 year ago.

Sophos Home Premium scores high on many antivirus testing websites and is able to proactively stop ransomware before it encrypts your data.

Its dashboard (which I cannot show you due to the device names being listed) is very easy to use and intuitive.

Overall, Sophos Home Premium is an excellent 1-stop solution for the tech manager of the family and will save you headaches over and over again. Feel free to try it out here.