Interserver Review: A Great Way to Start a Website

Interserver Review: A Great Way to Start a Website
Photo by Matt Duncan / Unsplash

Whether you're just starting as a newbie trying to create a website online, a freshly graduated college student creating a resume website, or an up-and-coming streamer trying to make a name for yourself, everyone needs a website.

Choosing where to host – heck, even what to host on your website can be incredibly complicated. With all the buzz about many companies offering to start hosting your website, it's hard to find one that will actually deliver. Let's look at one of those company's offerings: Interserver.

1. Web Hosting

For a worry free website experience

Web hosting is one of the most straightforward services available for newbies trying to create their own website. This service provides a straightforward way to set up managed WordPress sites and various other means of standard website setup. At Interserver, when signing up for web hosting, you have over 460 scripts to instantly turn your website into a fully functional blog, video-sharing platform, wiki, or whatever you want! To boot, Interserver also offers unlimited SSD storage, unlimited e-mail accounts, free SSL certificates, free website migration, and free global CDN (provided by Cloudflare). What more could you ask for, starting at $2.50 per month?

2. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Not all VPSes are built the same...

Interserver provides many different VPS options, ranging from standard Linux VPSes to ones that have Windows or Windows Server installed, one-click WordPress installs, and they even have storage optimized servers that allow you to have large amounts of cloud storage with compute to run workloads that, for example, require large amounts of video storage but need little compute.

Some great uses for these servers include running websites, custom game servers, and even a dedicated high-performance cloud computer running Windows that you can remote into whenever and wherever you need it!

3. Object Storage

Because every byte counts...

In addition to VPS plans with large amounts of block storage, Interserver offers an object storage service, similar to AWS S3. This service comes in at a reasonable price and includes many different methods to store and retrieve data, such as FTP, SSH, RSync, and many others. This service is competitive with the likes of Backblaze B2 due to transfer being included in the price of the monthly storage allotment. This is a great product to help encourage backups of all your data for a low monthly cost.

You can find Interserver's Object Storage offering on their main page.

4. Other Services

Dedicated Servers, Colocation, E-Mail, Site Builder, etc.

Some other services that Interserver offers include the option for dedicated servers. These servers are great for high-traffic websites, highly utilized database servers, and other needs that require high amounts of sustained computing power and high network throughput. Interserver can provide colocation services at many of their data centers if you have a server, too.

Additionally, they provide hosted e-mail for your domain at a fraction of the cost that competing solutions, such as Google or Microsoft do. You can purchase a domain and set up email through the Interserver console to get a custom [email protected] e-mail address!

Finally, they also include a free site builder with their standard web hosting plan, eliminating the need to create your own website by hand. Use the builder to create custom, professional-looking websites in minutes!


Customer Service, Reliability, Notes

Interserver has been in business for 22 years, earning praise from many customers and businesses worldwide. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee with fast and responsive customer service.

But don't just take my word for it! Try it yourself!