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In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the services we use to run this site!

Here are some affiliate links to get you started with some free credit on these platforms:

Backblaze Unlimited Backup: $7 per month for unlimited cloud backup storage for your computer – it even includes external drives! You can also check out their B2 cloud storage – it's S3 compatible and up to 80% less than AWS S3 Standard!

UpCloud: Ultrafast NVMe servers with symmetric gigabit internet connection guaranteed.

Linode: Simple setup with one of the largest "one-click app" marketplaces available with lightening fast internet throughput, even on the smallest of plans.

Digital Ocean: Managed databases within a few clicks, along with memory-, compute-, and storage-optimized VPS instances available all around the world.

Vultr: VPS plans starting at $2.50 per month with options for higher frequency CPUs and bare metal instances.

BunndyCDN: The world's cheapest and one of the fastest Content Delivery Networks used to help this site feel snappy. Up to 16x cheaper than AWS Cloudfront and Fastly!

Cloudflare (not an affiliate link): One of (if not) the largest Content Delivery Networks, DDoS protection, and WAF services in the world today. We use Cloudflare to provide rate-limiting, analytics, caching, routing, firewall, and many other services for this website. And, the best part is that all of this is completely free!